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Reaching Out to meeting their basic needs 

Providing Hotel Rooms

We provide displaced and homeless people with emergency shelter by  seeking out hotels as temporary housing solutions.   In our community there are no homeless shelters for men and there is only one very crowded shelter for families, women with children and homeless women.  We provide hotel rooms for those who are deeply needy.   Over the last two years we spent over ten thousand dollars for housing.   We receive a few thousand dollars a year.

Emergency Shelter:
Winter Months -  We provide shelter as protection from the freezing temperatures.
Medical needs - Like when the flu bug hits and we had one homeless man who had cancer and was going through chemo.
Short-Term - Families caught between homes.
⇒ We have helped over  a couple dozen people in this situation covering over weeks of hotel rooms.
⇒ We get phone calls every week for a room for a night or two.  Because of low funds, we are unable to help the ones we do want to help.  :-((

Transitional Housing:

For the homeless we help with hotel rooms as they are transitioning from the streets to living on their own.
⇒ We helped a disabled couple in their 50's that were sleeping in their car.   Now they live in an rented home.
⇒ We helped a retired couple for a couple months when identity thieves hi-jacked their pensions.  The FBI helped them to sort it all out.  They are now living in a retirement village in Florida.
⇒ A young homeless couple that was living on the streets are now working and are living in a two bed-room apartment.
Over a dozen people are now living on their own.
Sept 2015, we are working with three homeless people - two men and a woman.  The men work and are currently paying for most of the nights themselves.  And the women is paying for her hotel room three of the four weeks with her monthly social security check.

Feeding the Hungry

We started providing the Sunday afternoon meals to help feed the hungry out in a parking lot.   The local Salvation Army Soup Kitchen is closed on the weekends.  After four months, This became an outreach ministry for Harvester Christian Church (HCC).  This freed Peggy and I up to minister to those in need.  We get to sit down and visit with the guests.  There are about 35-50 people being feed every week.    The HCC volunteers are out there every week in all types of weather serving complete home cooked meals.

Sharing Information

To help those with some guidance, we hand out flyers of information.   This brochure lists non-profit organizations in St. Charles County that provide assistance to the needy.  We list some of the food pantries, thrift stores, places and times of free meals, job search agencies, social services among other useful information.

We also list free resources for those under financial stress who need help paying their bills.  The  resources are listed for St. Charles County, MO.  We list non-profit organizations that help with the monthly rent and utility bills. There are many resources available to needy people living in desperate situations.

These resources contain services that most of us do not even know that exists in our community.

We offer them our Friendship

We have been very fortunate to only provide for their physical needed, but we also give them our time and our friendship.

Most of the homeless and others have my personal cell phone number.  They can call me whenever they need a friend.   And they do call.   They know that that they have a friend in us and someone who they can trust.    They see us every week and they look forward to sharing their week with us and they would ask us to pray with them. 

To discern their needs, we need to know them.  To know them, we must be willing to offer them our friendship.

A 'Fist bump' of Appreciation

The most requested items from the homeless and others are: underwear, socks and toilet paper.

We always have these items with us.   When we hand out a pair of underwear or a pair of sock or a roll of toilet paper, we would get some tears, a hug, and even the occasional fist bump.

I do not know about you men, but when Peggy comes home with a package of new underwear or socks,  not only do I take these items for granted, I do not even give Peggy a 'fist bump' of appreciation.

Additional Ways we Help 

Provide Bicycles - for the homeless and those in need through emergency and transitional housing
♦ Car Repairs - for the homeless who sleep in their cars and single women
♦ Gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and discount department stores.
♦ Transportation - for those without access to a vehicle or to places that are not on the route for public transportation.  We supply rides to doctor appointments, to job interviews and to job training.
♦ Cell Phones - We provide cell phones for the homeless for emergencies, they can contact us and we can get a hold of them.
♦ Access to Thrift Stores - We have partnered with local Thrift Stores where we can refer families so that they can shop for free. 


“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.”  ~ Luke 9:23