Needed Items

Socks, Underwear and Toilet Paper are the most requested items from the homeless and the poor ~ men, women and children.  

Help Us to Help Others

Luke 923 Ministry
3828 Summerview Drive
St. Charles, MO 63304


Socks:  Can you imagine where the same socks day in and out?  We need new socks for women, men and children -- packages of white socks: crew and ankle styles. We only hand out a pair or two to each person.

Toilet Paper Toilet paper is not covered by food stamps.   Believe it or not for most the families, toilet paper is a luxury.  They often used fast food napkins.   Large packages from Sam's or Costco goes a long way.

Underwear:  The size and type you wear is the size and type - we need.   The sizes range from medium up to 4xl.  The most requested is men's mediums, large & XL.  For women sizes range from 6 through 9.

> shampoo/conditioner
> bar of soap
> shaving cream / razors
> hand / body lotions
> deodorant
> finger nail clippers
> lip balm - Chap stick

Dental supplies
> toothbrushes (really needed)
> toothpaste
> floss

First aid kits
> band aids
> antiseptic wipes
> antibiotic cream

> underwear
> socks
> shoes
> jeans

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Paper products
> toilet paper
> paper towels
> feminine products
> diapers

> bananas
> apples
> oranges
> peanut butter
> graham crackers
> peanuts / cashews
> granola bars
> chocolate bars
> apple sauce

> towels
> wash cloths
> sheets
> flashlights
> batteries
> sleeping bags
> blankets
> laundry soap (individual packets or sample sizes)
> pillow cases